Home Visits

It’s not always possible to come into clinic for Physiotherapy treatment. Our home visit service offers you our full service of Physiotherapy in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Perhaps you have had a fall and have lost confidence or maybe you have had surgery and getting to clinic is not possible yet – we can come to you.

Perhaps you work long hours and having a Physiotherapist come to your home makes it possible for you to manage your pain or injury?

Whatever your individual need is, we are happy to see you at your home. Contact us here if you would like further information or to book in a home visit appointment.

Here are some of the home visiting services we offer:

Falls Prevention

Many older people can suffer from a fall.  These can often be prevented.  Many things can be done around the home to reduce these risks, such as good footwear and the removal of rugs.  Furthermore, strength and balance training can help reduce the risk of falls and improve confidence, especially within the home environment.

As Chartered Physiotherapists, not only can we provide a home exercise programme to achieve these goals, but we can also assess the home and provide advice for a safe home environment.

Post operation or post injury rehabilitation

If you have had any type of injury from a fall or a sporting accident and are not as mobile as you were, we can help you to get back your mobility so you can continue with the things you enjoy.

If you have had surgery, such as a knee replacement or a shoulder repair, we can help you recover from this and build up your strength and mobility.

We can treat your injuries, using a variety of treatment techniques and provide you with a home exercise programme to build up your strength, endurance, and balance.

Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy is for people who have suffered an injury to the brain or the spinal cord (the central nervous system), such as a Stroke, Parkinsons Disease or Multiple Sclerosis.  All treatment is individualised to patient goals where interventions are exercise based, but some people need stretches, splinting or 24 hour postural management. We can also offer advice on the best mobility aids and adaptations and will work with the person in their own environment. This is particularly useful for many people with neurological conditions as we can help with improving function and independence within your own home.

Nursing and Residential homes

We can provide regular or as required physiotherapy to any individual within any home. We have been visiting most local care homes since 2006 and we currently regularly visit Premier Court and Mountfitchet House. We can provide residents with rehabilitation to promote independent mobility. We can offer support to care staff with residents who might need help with walking or moving in bed and we can offer advice on postural management, especially for residents who are in bed all the time. This helps to prevent pressure sores and muscle contractures. We can provide residents with a home exercise programme that they can do independently or with assistance when we are not with them.

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