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Phone  : 01279 826527

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Registered with most Private Health providers, including AXA  PPP


Our Clinic

Our physiotherapy clinic is located in a peaceful setting, just 10 minutes from Bishop’s Stortford, with ample free parking directly next to our clinic room.

The Street Barn Clinic, The Street, Great Hallingbury, Bishop’s Stortford, CM22 7TR

We have a fully equipped treatment room, with access to a toilet and a ramp for easy wheelchair access.

We are registered with most private medical insurance companies including: AXAPPP, Simplyhealth, WPA, Aviva and Exeter Friendly.  We are not registered with Bupa.

Book an appointment Online

All patients, can book an appointment online via the link on our home page.  This only shows our availability two weeks ahead.  If you wish to book further ahead, or there is no availability, please email: or call our phone reception.

Physiotherapy Services

Hands-on mobilisation and manipulation techniques of joints can ease pain by reducing swelling and inflammation, while also regaining joint mobility and changing muscle function. These techniques can be effective on all joints, including the spine.
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Several electrotherapy techniques are available: therapeutic ultrasound is used to improve tissue healing.  The ultrasound head is used directly on the skin with a gel to improve contact; interferential therapy can provide drug-free pain relief for a variety of musculo-skeletal problems; TENS machines are small, portable devices providing pain relief for acute or chronic pain.  This can be especially useful for self-management.
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Using fine needles, this is an ancient Chinese technique that has increasingly been backed up by scientific research.  There is a growing evidence base to support its use for a variety of conditions.  Acupuncture’s intended benefits are reduction in pain, alleviation of muscle spasm and tension, facilitation of the healing process and promotion of general well-being.
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Soft tissue techniques, such as massage and myofascial release, target the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia.  Massage promotes increased blood flow and relaxes muscles, which stimulates healing and alleviates painful symptoms.
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Taping can be used to promote recovery or relieve pain and swelling, depending on the technique used.  The tape is water resistant and can be worn for up to 5 days.  It can be particularly helpful when working with athletes, like swimmers, runners, and cyclists.
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A programme of exercises can be specifically tailored for you. Home-based therapeutic exercise is often an effective complement to treatment in clinic, whether before or after surgery, or for ongoing problems.

We have a range of equipment (such as wobble boards, wobble cushions and gym balls) that make the rehabilitation process more dynamic – and even fun!
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tissueNatalie offers this as a specialist treatment. This is a hands-on treatment which involves gently applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions. This can alleviate pain and improve movement.

After an initial assessment/treatment, this treatment can be booked as an hour session costing £80.
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If you are still struggling with symptoms of covid after 12 weeks, you could have ‘long-covid’. It is estimated that 1.5million people in the UK have ‘long covid’ so you are not alone. The most common symptoms are persistent fatigue, brain ‘fog’ and breathlessness, as well as a whole host of other symptoms such as pain, sleep disturbance, exercise intolerance, dizziness and heart rate fluctuations. The management of long covid is initially to ‘stop, rest, pace’, followed by a very gradual return to usual activities. We know this can be difficult to do on your own, especially if symptoms fluctuate.

Natalie has been supporting many people with long covid throughout the pandemic as she has a special interest in post-viral conditions and fatigue management. If you would like someone to support you on your road to recovery, you can book in to see Natalie in clinic, at your home or virtually, via video link.
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The Street Barn Clinic Information

Sat Nav: CM22 7TR – Please note, the sat nav postcode tends to go past the clinic and around the corner, so look out for the red brick pillars of the drive on the left – see entrance picture below                   

What Three Words – Drive Entrance – ADVISING ASSEMBLES HILL              What Three Words – Clinic Door – GLIMMERS NETS ROOSTS

Coordinates – 51.85467 degrees North, 0.21391 degrees East


Waiting for your appointment

We have no waiting room or receptionist on site. If you are early, please wait in your car. The clinic door will be open between patients unless the weather is too hot or cold!  In which case, we will come and get you!

Below is a downloadable PDF including directions and parking for your Barn appointment:

The Street Barn Clinic Information

Natalie’s professional and caring approach to recovery has had a positive impact on my recovery from Long Covid. With a tailored specific approach to rehabilitation you can be assured that Natalie’s experience of working with Long Covid patients is heartfelt, sincere and comes from a genuine place to help.

Julie is an excellent Physiotherapist and always explains the problem and the best treatment plan.

Due to ongoing health issues, I have seen her on and off over a period of time and her kindness and reassuring manner have always given me a positive mindset with which to deal with back pain episodes.

Julie was very professional and everything was explained to me, which helped with my recovery.  Thank you

“Julie listened to our request for exercises to do at home.  She explained what was happening clearly, how exercises would help and carefully how to do the exercises.  Thank you.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Julie or return myself if it was necessary.  Julie has an excellent reassuring manner and is very professional.  My treatment was very successful.  Thank you.”

” I was very impressed with every aspect of treatment. I was made to feel very relaxed and welcome.”

” Excellent help – first physiotherapist I have been to and actually benefited from treatment.”

” I cannot fault the kindness and attention given to me by Julie Herbert. Nor the manner in which she alleviated the pain I was suffering.”

” Julie was very professional, got to the cause of trouble immediately and effected a ‘cure’. I would not hesitate in recommending The Physiotherapist to others.”

” Julie, as you know, I think the care, kindness and thought you give your work is excellent and indeed I do recommend you to others.”

” Excellent treatment – Julie gave me confidence, plenty of feedback and there was praise from the Consultant on excellent physiotherapy. I will recommend you any time. Thank you Julie.”

” Julie is very knowledgeable and explains things very well and very clearly. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needed physiotherapy services.”

” The physiotherapy I received from Julie Herbert following my hip replacement operation was most beneficial and the two home visits at the beginning were particularly beneficial. Julie took a lot of time with me.”

” It was refreshing to be treated by someone who obviously cares about her patients and I felt very confident in her abilities.”

” Very happy with treatment and friendly attitude to me as a patient and shifting to a downstairs room when I had problems walking upstairs! Have already recommended to others.”

” Having been to another physio prior to Julie, I was resigned to the fact my shoulder would never be 100%. However, Julie used several different treatments, which made a huge difference very quickly. I feel the service has been second to none and would wholeheartedly recommend Julie to anyone needing help.”

” Julie has been absolutely fantastic in getting my running injury resolved. Couldn’t be more delighted! Many thanks.”

” Julie, as you know, I was unable to sit or walk properly, with heavy & sharp pain in my legs. Following your expert diagnosis, effective treatment, and ongoing management, I have been able to function properly and without pain. I am, have been, and will be, extremely grateful for your expertise, professionalism, and kindness. Thank you!”

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